Osananajimi Girl - 幼なじみガール

Osananajimi Girl - 幼なじみガール

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幼なじみガール , Childhood Friend Girl

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Adult , Ecchi , Romance , Seinen

Author: usi

Artist: usi

Created On: 2011

Status: Complete

Type: Manga

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A childhood friend is someone you held a special bond with many years ago, during your younger days. When you become an adult, this special bond can be held dearly, taking it from the level of friends to mature love. Now, follow couples who are childhood friends and see how their special bond has been carried into their present life. Did a lady, confessed to by a man, years later, give the response he desired? Was the man, who was present at the death of the girl’s mother, later the only one able to sympathize with her? Did the two once make a promise to go somewhere, only to do it in the present? Find out yourself how these childhood friends became lovers.

幼なじみガール (芳文社コミックス) コミック

Osananajimi Girl (幼なじみガール) vol 01

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1Childhood-Friend-Girl Chapter Volume 01 - Series End6 years ago
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