Lemon no Kaori - レモンの香り

Lemon no Kaori - レモンの香り

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Alternative Names:

レモンの香り, Smell of Lemon

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Adult , Harem , Hentai , Romance

Author: SATOU Chagashi

Artist: SATOU Chagashi

Created On: 2011

Status: Complete

Type: Manga

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In the everyday life of grown men, they face many, many events, from job acceptance to love affairs. But what happens if their life is intervened by ambitious women who offer them sexual pleasure? Regardless of who they were, these fearless women know nothing else than such indecent acts. Whether if they were once only friends or next door neighbors, the lifestyle of the men change. Would you know of such a heaven men could want?

[佐藤茶菓子] レモンの香り 全01巻(完) [Lemon no Kaori vol.01]

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1Lemon-no-Kaori Chapter Volume 01 - Series End6 years ago
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